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Sur la Route (French/English)


By Pierre van Sint Jan & Louise Hall - Theatre LOTE

Original music by van Sint Jan  & L.Hall

Directed by L. Hall

Suitable: Yrs 5-10

Duration: 50 minutes


“a comical rock and roll road show for French students with a Belgian flavour!”


wrestling with eels & escargots -  viande crue à l’école - an embarrassing mother

      un frère qui ne s’arrête pas de manger - confusions de langue

       en somme, “un fracas culturel!”


Pierre Alain is a musician and performer with an infectious zest for life, “un grand coeur”, and “une voix merveilleuse.”


Born of Belgian parents, Pierre has led a colourful and mainly itinerant bilingual life. In “Sur la route,” Pierre shares anecdotes from his experiences in “la Belgique,” the French-speaking country which is the brunt of many “blagues françaises!” He also makes some forays into la Suisse, la France et l’Australie.


‘Sur la route” incorporates side-splitting humour, a touch of Belgian history, original French rock songs, story-telling, audience participation and impersonations of famous Belgian comic- strip characters, including Pierre’s own invention, the retired explorer cum tour-guide, “Docteur Sleuth.”




We have incorporated the following topics in our script:


la famille -  la cuisine - les vacances -  le travail - les passe-temps favoris


 “A very clever, entertaining and engaging performance full of humour and excellent rapport with the students. Stimulating anecdotes to foster an interest in travel and language – culturally enriching. Fantastique!”

Sue Craig, Sydney Adventist College


“A great Belgian show, so true, so alive! The kids loved it and were so excited to finally meet you! The work done in class was spot on and easy to do – a great way to prepare for the show. Nous avons tous eu un super moment. Merci de rendu la Belgique vivante!”

Nathalie Camps, Killarney Heights Primary School


2005: Sydney, & regional NSW
2006 Melbourne


See the Info For Schools for booking information, or e-mail: Louise Hall,
 theatrelote (at) optusnet.com.au


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Last updated 03 March 2011