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Aussie Politics (Debunked)




The Learning Stage; THAT’S HISTORY” presents a new show that is sure to entertain, challenge and enhance your students’ knowledge of Australian history.


Aussie Politics Debunked - an interactive history show by Louise Hall


Written expressly for Stage 5, and performed by one actor/presenter in a combination of  comedy and music, the performance traces eleven decades of Aussie pollies, policies and pivotal moments from Federation to 2011. Aussie Politics Debunked aims to give students a broad understanding of the shape of Australia’s political history within a national and international context.


During the show students will :

·        Witness a dramatic rendition of the events leading to Federation and the appointment of Australia’s first prime minister – Sir Edmund Barton

·        Learn how parliament is structured

·        Sing along with original songs from the show

·        Meet key politicians and prime ministers from Australia’s past and present and learn about their key policies

·        Participate in the performance on stage with the actor

·        Vote over a major issue in a ministerial meeting



·        CD of songs from the show.

·        Support material (worksheets, lyrics to the songs.)



See the Info For Schools for booking information, or e-mail: theatrelote (at) optusnet.com.au

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Last updated 18 November 2011