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Coco, Curie et Jeanne d’Arc


A one woman show by Louise Hall
Directed by Kerry Casey

Coco Chanel  « la reine de la haute couture »
Marie Curie  « deux prix Nobel pour la science »
Jeanne d’Arc  « sainte et conseillère de l’armée française»
In a combination of drama, live music and documentary style, this presentation weaves together the lives of three famous and extraordinary French women and outlines their different contributions to the  fashion world, scientific achievement and history of  La France.
Coco, Curie et Jeanne d’Arc is suitable for Years 7 to 12 French and History students. The performance is presented in a combination of French and English and can be adapted according to your students’ current level of French.
CD of songs from the show.
Support material (worksheets, lyrics to the songs.)
We have incorporated the following topics in our script and resource pack:
Life in 15th Century France
The 100 Years War
The roles of women at the turn of the century
Paris in the 1920s
Introduction to the Lives and Achievements of :
Coco Chanel, Marie Curie, Sainte Jeanne d’Arc
(NB: Although Marie Curie was born in Poland she became a French Citizen)


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Last updated 18 November 2011