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Concert Pop avec Pierre Alain
Devised and directed by Louise Hall



Attention all French teachers!
Due to popular demand, Theatre LOTE announces the return of our fantastic music-filled, interactive show:

created and directed by Louise Hall

Just wanted to let you know how much the girls enjoyed ‘Concert Pop’. There was lots of participation and it was a great experience for them all. Merci beaucoup!
Canberra Girls Grammar

Pierre Alain wowed Sydney French students for 3 seasons with his high-energy interactive performance of Concert Pop. Now Melbourne, Queensland and Northern NSW French students have the opportunity to join Pierre in this celebration of French song and culture. Pierre Alain is a consummate pop/rock singer of the French language and a highly skilled teacher who entertains and incorporates student audiences seamlessly into the show. Students will sing along with French pop/rock songs by famous artists and the best of Theatre LOTE including Sur la Route, Le Métro and the Revolution Rap. Pierre will also invite students on stage to help out with singing, dancing and percussion.
Venez faire la fête avec nous!

"Sadly, I had no students to take with me but attended the concert myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree with you, songs are an excellent medium for teaching languages. I was greatly impressed by the content and delivery. The background information was delivered with interest and enthusiasm and the powerpoints etc were great.The kids were engaged and participated with enthusiasm, clapping, singing and participating on stage (even the little hard shot sitting behind me was involved!) I think our kids would have benefitted greatly from the experience and it would have made French more real and relevant to them... Alors, c'est la vie." Joy-Lynn Redmayne, Tomarree High School



See the Info For Schools for booking information, or e-mail: theatrelote (at) optusnet.com.au


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Last updated 3/08/2015