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School Performances for 2018

School Workshops for 2018

Ateliers de théâtre en français

avec Anna Jahjah

avec Anna Jahjah

Year 7 - Year 11

  • Practise the French learned in class in real-life situations while having fun
  • Learn to hear instructions and answer in French, improvise in French and use vocabulary learned at school
  • Develop your drama skills and learn about theatre in France

Workshops are conducted in French. However, depending on the teacher's request and the level of the students, instructions can be repeated in English.


avec Theatre LOTE Fantastique!

Year 7 -Year 11

Thanks for coming to our school. The girls really enjoyed the (Chanel) workshops!
-Annabelle Ritchie, Brisbane Girls Grammar

  • Follow movement/dance instructions in French
  • Listen to and speak French
  • Sing in French
  • Learn about French history and culture
  • Develop your drama skills
  • Improvise with French you already know


In this workshop, our presenter will play a character and through story telling and lots of student participation will share pivotal moments from their life story.

*Coco Chanel (most popular)

Le Bossu de Notre Dame

La Révolution

Marie Curie

Jeanne d'Arc

Le métro et le TGV


See the Info For Schools for booking information, or e-mail: Louise Hall,
 theatrelote (at) optusnet.com.au

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Last updated 28th Jan 2018