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“The only theatre company our students will pay to see -  the highlight of our school year!”    Carwatha College, Victoria, Australia


"We would definitely book Theatre LOTE Fantastique! again after 4 very successful shows over the years." Jane Darrou, Mowbray College, VIC


Theatre LOTE offer both Primary and Secondary school shows, but most of our productions are geared towards a cross-over of Years 5-10.


We aim to provide an outstanding, live theatrical experience for your LOTE students within your school environment, which we hope will inspire them to continue their studies in LOTE.


All our performances are authorised by the Department of Education in NSW and compliment the current LOTE syllabus.


·      Free pre-show resource pack available with graded worksheets, including a CD with songs from each show. Some preparation is recommended to ensure that your students gain maximum benefit from the performance.


Each performance is carefully prepared by our writers and collaborators so that the themes are relatable to the year levels involved, and is a unique work of art in itself.

Each performance includes:


     ·        cultural and/or historical relevance to the language/country chosen

·        funky and original live & recorded music

·        bilingual dialogue i.e. English plus your chosen language at the level of your   students

·        physical theatre or dance

·        pop cultural references & humour

·        beautifully crafted portable sets and costumes

·        audience participation


cross-curricular possibilities…


Some schools choose to use our performance themes as cross-curricular activities, providing a complete and holistic learning experience for their students.

i.e. St Margaret's Berwick in Victoria incorporated our theme of the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette from La Princesse et la Révolution into their History, Art, Music and Drama classes.



For more information e-mail:  theatrelote (at) optusnet.com.au

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Last updated 03 March 2011