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“Le Petit Empereur et les Planètes” (French/English) by Louise Hall
Inspired by Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “Le Petit  Empereur et les Planètes” is a magical tale about a young emperor and an astronaut who travel together through the solar system.
In the tradition of Theatre LOTE, the performance contains delightful characters, stunning costumes, humour, adventure, audience participation and some thought - provoking moments!
“Le Petit  Empereur et les Planètes” is suitable for Years 4 to 10 French students, combining a bilingual script, (basic French and English) with original French music -theatre.
Through a strange twist of fate, a young emperor from an unknown planet arrives on Earth at the same time as an astronaut, (Guillaume) who has had an accident in his space shuttle. 
The two decide to travel together on the astronaut’s next mission through the solar system.  When Guillaume is injured, Le Petit Empereur must save earth from colliding with a giant asteroid, in fact – his own planet. Which one will he destroy to save the other?

We have incorporated the following topics in our script:
Greetings & introductions
Les planètes du Système Solaire
The space shuttle
Space travel
Count down en français





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Last updated 03 March 2011