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In 2013 Theatre LOTE welcomes dynamic French actress Anna Jahjah aboard with an exciting and culturally rich performance about her home-town: the fascinating city of Marseille.

La bouillabaisse et la Marseillaise is a pot pourri of exotic tales, poetry and anecdotes from the oldest and most cosmopolitan city of France, the city that is due to be Capitale Européenne de la culture in 2013.

During the show, students will learn about

Anna’s story: “Growing up in Marseille”
the story of the founding of Marseille by the Greeks
le Mistral; the legendary wind that rages over the South of France
le conte d’une femme pirate française
la lumière du sud et les artistes
le <creuset de races> de Marseille
le TGV, le train à grande vitesse
le football et l’Olympique de Marseille
la cuisine marseillaise
Les romans et les films <Jean de Florette> et < Manon  des Sources> de Marcel Pagnol

In the spirit of Theatre LOTE, Anna will invite audience members to participate in the show, plein de surprises!

Support material including worksheets

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Last updated 25 January 2013